>> Introduction Phase

Stage 1

Once the terms and conditions have been signed we will organize an introductory meeting where our investment team can get to know our clients companies and how they operate. We will exchange relevant information such as financials, traction, market, business model, projections and business operations. Together with our client we will seek to to create a strategy for the funding round ahead. Identifying the desired type of investors such as venture capitals, strategics investors, HNWI or family offices is vital when putting the right strategy in place. This will be followed by filtering the potential investors as per requested by our clients. Once the strategy has been identified we will seek to put together all necessary informative materials to be sent out to potential investors.

>> Contacting Investors

Stage 2

Moorgate Partners will begin reaching out to their network of investors who fall withing the guidelines and criteria of each client. Our team will strive to put together the best possible list of investors by cross-checking our clients requests with the investment criteria of our existing investor network. Our aim will be to forward across all information, on behalf of our clients, to our network of investors with the goal of communicating all important aspects of our clients' business in order to get the best possible results. Within the first two weeks of the campaign, we expect to begin receiving feedback from possible investors which will be discussed and shared with our clients.

>> Reporting & Feedback

Stage 3

As the funding round commences and feedback from investors begins to accumulate, all relevant feedback from investors will be passed on to our clients. Together with our clients, Moorgate Partners will analyze the received information and look to suggest possible changes to the strategy to increase chances of meeting the assigned goals. Moorgate Partners will maintain communication with our clients throughout the funding round by delivering recent reports to keep all involved parties updated.


>> Filtering Possible Investors

Stage 4

During the campaign, we will have gathered enough information to assemble a shortlist of the best possible investors. Through our correspondence, Moorgate Partners will seek to refine this list by eliminating uninterested parties and focus on investors who have expressed interest and would like to further explore investing in the round.

>> Introductions to Possible Investors

Stage 5

Once we have identified interested investors, our focus is on introducing our clients to the investors directly. Moorgate Partners will facilitate the introductory meeting and will follow the development of each individual relationship between investors and clients from introduction to the closure of the investment round. We will also be available for additional consulting and preparation before, after or during meetings, when needed.

>> Closing the Round

Stage 6

As introductions between client companies and investors occur, Moorgate Partners will track and participate in each relationship closely. We aim to see that all parties involved are satisfied with the investment and share a common view on the further development of the company. Moorgate Partners are also available to assist during the due diligence process via our external partners.


>> Preperation for the Next Round

Stage 7

We seek to maintain communication with our portfolio companies upon completion as the next investment round is never far away. Once a timeframe for the next round is in place Moorgate Partners will assist in preparing the round on time.

Image by Zan