M&A and Investment processes

In the process of selling a company or raising capital, Moorgate Partners will follow common procedures in M&A and investment industry but carefully pay attention to the wishes and goals of our client.

Not every deal is the right deal, and we understand that. Often in our daily communication with our clients and partners, we discussed their ideas and try to lead them to the final point to achieving a deal that meets their ideal criteria. 


>> M&A Process In Stages

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Every process and exit is unique thus it is important to thoroughly prepare for this. Moorgate Partners will go through ten stages of preparation with each client individually in order to understand the clients wishes and to comprise a strategy that will maximize the chances of reaching the assigned target...

>> Investment Process In Stages

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Almost all companies are in constant need of funding especially during their early developing years. We at Moorgate Partners use a proven method of stages to establish a clear understanding of what our clients are looking for and how we plan to achieve this...


>> Joint Venture

If you are thinking of attracting Investors or looking for a positive exit strategy through JV we could help in finding the right partner following with the process of putting your business on the market for finding Investors/Buyers as well as negotiating a deal.