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In a process of selling the company or raising capital, Moorgate Partners will follow usual procedures in M&A and investment industry but carefully pay attention to the wishes and goals of our client.

Not every deal is the right deal, and we understand that. Often in our daily communication with our clients and partners, we discussed their ideas and try to lead them to the final point to achieving a deal that meets their right criteria. 

Moorgate Partners will follow the market rules taking every step with maximum attention to negotiating the best possible deal.

Moorgate Partners will provide special emphasis and additional services, such as Marketing Materials Preparation, where we collect the necessary information to attract the right buyer. This allows us to create an  Information memorandum relevant to the characteristics of the industry and allow the buyer or Investor an easy insight and quicker decision.

Moorgate Partner will assist in  the most important parts of the process such as 

Qualification of Potential Buyers/Investors; any potential buyers or investor that express interest in a business will not be qualified to purchase or invest in the company. We will know the right questions and have enough market intelligence and expertise to eliminate these out and pre-qualify the right potential acquirers or investors before the tire-kickers impact the CEO or management team's time and attention. This isn't a particularly complex or time-intensive step, but if it isn't done, the CEO will waste a lot of time and effort speaking with unqualified buyers and increasing the confidentiality risk of the entire process.

Here in Moorgate Partners, we understand that the most important part of the process is Buyer/Investor Research and Buyer/Investor Outreach Strategy.

While large multi-billion dollar companies often have only a handful of relevant and sufficiently capitalized potential acquirers, lower middle market companies (this generally refers to businesses whose value ranges generally between $10M and $250M) often have an enormous number of potential buyers. Some of these potential buyers are known to the business owner, some might be known by the advisor, but no one usually has access to know every potential buyer or investor. This means that the advisor and the business owner must have tools and resources to research and access the largest and most qualified data set of relevant buyers or investors. Databases and tools of varying qualities exist out there, but there is no silver bullet. Here, we will review competitors, customers, strategic buyers, private equity firms, venture capitals with relevant expertise, and other sources of highly suitable capital and partnership.