Moorgate Partners is comprised of a hardworking, very driven group of people who come from diverse backgrounds with decades of experiences in the business world. We understand the process of raising capital and M&A requires a focused and concentrated approach, for that reason we have assembled a team which combines knowledge and experience, with young and motivated people.


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Alexander Perry


Alexander Perry has been the CEO of Moorgate Partners since 2015. He is an experienced founder, entrepreneur, and leader, with over 16 years of experience in managing companies. Previous to Moorgate Partners, Alexander founded Leverage Partnership, an executive search company, in 2008. Prior to an acquisition in 2015, the company experienced stellar growth of 65% compound growth.

Alexander is responsible for leading investor relationships across the company, and is an expert in in corporate finance (private equity, capital raising, private credit, M&A, debt restructuring), with a particular focus on Blockchain, AI, TMT and Clean Energy.

Bruno Spacaj


Bruno is our COO, he uses his vast experience and knowledge to help guide his team. He has spent over 10 years working in numerous British markets with high profile individuals, clients and companies, which have given him a great understanding of various markets and market trends. He has lead a number of large and complex projects specifically with investments and post aqusitions, and large scale sales operations, which he completed successfully by applying all his attention and energy into each individual project striving to get the maximum out of his team by leading by example.

KG Charles-Harris


KG is a former investment banker and a multi-time startup founder across industries as varied as genomics, artificial intelligence, and aquaculture. He is presently the Founder and CEO of Quarrio, and before that EMANIO, and has been involved in the Big Data and Analytics space before it was popularly called so.

KG is a prominent international entrepreneur and spirited advocate for improving the way people work and connect through technology. Guided by this vision, he led the charge to give small and mid-sized businesses access to the same process automation and intelligence tools once limited to Fortune 100 companies.  He also invested in and worked with philanthropic projects he designed in the Developing World. His achievements were recognized on a global scale when he received the United Nations Global Young Entrepreneur Award at the UN’s World Summit of Young Entrepreneurs.

KG continues to be deeply involved in philanthropic community initiatives, and serves as advisor, investor or board member of technology companies and community organizations.

Michael Wade

Development Finance

Michael Wade is a Chartered Accountant who qualified in Perth, Western Australia.

He has spent the majority of his career in media and technology companies, including start up CFO positions with Central TV, Nickelodeon UK, and TV. His most recent full time role was setting up the UK and European operations of a Japanese pharmaceutical company. Currently, he is mainly working with start-ups, creating and adapting business plans and assisting in obtaining development  finance.

Kresimir Budinski

Senior Advisor - Investments

Kresimir is our Investment Advisor for projects in the automotive, aerospace & defense, aviation, and retail industries. With over 20 years of experience in business development from the scratch, he helped entrepreneurs to prepare prospective projects for funding from Pre-Seed up to Series B rounds.  From idea stage up to product launch and scaling. In solving problems, his approach is sniper-like and engineering.