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What You Need

Often JV is a solution for smaller businesses to achieve an attractive exit strategy. Joint ventures are not necessarily permanent business structures. They can be dissolved under the following circumstances: 

• The overall goal for establishing the JV has been met 
• The JV is not capable of meeting the overall goal of the partnership 
• The partners have developed new goals or desired outcomes that are no longer consistent with the original plan. 

• The agreed upon time frame for the JV has ended 
• Legal or financial issues for one or more partners 
• A change in market conditions that

makes the JV irrelevant or impossible to pursue 
• One of the members has been acquired, rendering the initial JV contract null and void 

If you are thinking of attracting Investors or looking for a positive exit strategy through JV we could help in finding the right partner following with the process of putting your business on the market for finding Investors/Buyers as well as negotiating a deal.

While there is a wide variety of Joint Venture which can be fit to accomodate companies of all sizes, at Moorgate Partners we will focus specifically on how JV’s can be especially advantageous for small to medium sized businesses when it comes to consolidating and enhancing growth which leads to achieving a higher valuation and attracting better offers from investors. Along with the potential many joint ventures provide, there are details that need to be considered before a joint venture is