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Marketing Materials & Information

Moorgate Partners also offers the ability to provide clients with marketing materials as well as information materials required for the investment round ahead, in the forms of brochures. Please see below examples of IM and marketing materials provided by Moorgate Partners.


Information Memorandum

>> Information Memorandum - Example

Moorgate Partners can provide IM documents for our clients when requested. These documents are often needed for the investment and M&A process', they give an insight about the company in question and are sent out to interested investor or acquirer parties.
Example below.


Investments Brochure

>> Moorgate Partners Company Insight - Investments

Moorgate Partners can provide clients with Investment brochures, which are sent out to possible investors who have expressed some sort of interest and would like to find out additional information about the company and investment round taking place. 
Example below.


Investments Brochure

>> Moorgate Partners  Investments Process

Moorgate Partners also provide an Investment brochure which we send out to our clients, so that they may be familiarized with services we will provide and the investment process ahead and our approach on activities which need to be completed during this process.
Example below.


M&A Brochure

 >> Moorgate Partners Company insight - M&A

Moorgate Partners can also provide M&A brochures for clients looking to exit. These documents are sent out to possible buyers and are designed to give them an insight into how the company is currently operating with financials and relevant information to help determine value.
Example below.